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Gift Certificates
Mother Earth Pillows
Black Birch Skin Care
Gift Certificates

A variety of gift certificates are available for so that you can give the give of massage. Our gift certificate and booking checkout is available at  With a gift certificate, even an unredeemed one never goes to waste with our policy! 

Gift Certificate Policy: All gift certificates are valid for up to one year from purchase date for the named recipient on the certificate. Only one certificate may be redeemed per appointment. If certificate is not used before the expiration period, then the purchaser may choose to extend time period, transfer to another recipient, or bank the dollar value as credit towards future services for themselves. The banked credit may only be used in increments of $25 towards a full priced massage until all credit funds have been used. Credit may not be redeemed towards any special rate or promotion.



90 Minute Massage $95   Book-Now-button-64px

A full body massage integrating Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release to provide a healing and relaxing session tailored to the specific needs of the client.



massage-02One Hour Massage -$70  Book-Now-button-64px

A full body massage integrating Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release to provide a healing and relaxing session tailored to the specific needs of the client


45 Minute Massage – $60  Book-Now-button-64px

A full body massage integrating Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release to provide a healing and relaxing session tailored to the specific needs of the client.

30 Minute Massage – $45  Book-Now-button-64px

A half hour massage addressing a specific need to provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience.
Mother Earth Pillows


Lg. Trigger Pt Pillow $39

Created with a fully therapeutic focus, this shape relieves pain and tension in the shoulders and neck. It is NOT a ‘neckie’ pillow, which means it is not designed to ‘hang on the back of your neck. This ‘forward-pull’ would simply increase neck and shoulder pain. This Shoulder Triggerpoint Pillow is meant to drape evenly over your shoulders. Use it this way while seated (at computer, while driving, etc )

Available Scents: Relieve, Soothe, No Herbs


Sinus Therapy Pillow $22

This pillow is great for colds, allergies, or general sinus pressure. I may be used warm or cold to relieve sinus pressure and symptoms from your allergies. The weight and warmth of the pillow can bring instant relief.

Available Scents: Breathe, No Herbs



Migraine Pillow $23

Cold Therapy (cryotherapy) is the natural approach of applying cold to an area that is painful. For those who suffer from Migraines, cold is generally preferred. Lay the Migraine Pillow over eyes or forehead. Another additional thought would be to warm the muscles in the nape of the neck. Here lies the Rectus Major and Minor muscle… deep under other neck muscles. It is hard to massage on yourself… so this Migraine Pillow can also be warmed and you then lay down for a rest with this warmth under your upper neck, (usually just about at your neck hairline). Alternating is not that effective, but you decide what helps the most in your case.

The joy of the Migraine Pillow is there is no skin ‘freezing’, no dripping mess and your forehead will thank you if you leave it on til it feels ‘heavy’. And your Fr0ozen Peas won’t become mushy any more! Your headache will most likely be relieved by then!

Available Scents: Relieve, No Herbs

Herbal Scents

BREATHE… May help ease congestion and soothe aches associated with colds, asthma, sinus infections, bronchitis, colds and flu. (eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint, lemon balm, rosemary, lavender, anise & clove)

RELIEVE… A blend to uplift, invigorate and clear thinking with lavender to ‘soothe the soul’. Best choice for migraine relief and arthritis pain. (lavender, lemon balm & peppermint)

SOOTHE… Our favorite blend to help relax, soothe and calm…and help relieve muscular aching and tension. (lavender, marjoram, & clove)

UNSCENTED … no herbs added. The packaging, card stock with directions and fabric may have a faint scent because of absorbing the scent of herbs in our plant, but the contents do not include herbs

Black Birch Skin Care


Whipped Body Glow 2 oz. $9 • 4 oz. $16 (Lavendar & Lemongrass)

This product is referred to as “body glow” because it does exactly that; it gives your skin a glow you can’t get anywhere else.Formulated with unrefined organic Coconut Oil, organic fair-trade Shea Butter, and organic Essential Oils whipped together to which create a melt-on-your-skin moisturizer.

LAVENDER: Essential oil of lavender • LEMONGRASS: Essential oil blend more info to come


Lip Saver Balm

Lip Saver $4

Herbs of calendula, plantain, comfrey and yarrow are infused in organic jojoba oil and blended with yummy organic essential oils of lavender, grapefruit and peppermint. Apply the stick to chapped lips, a dry nose or irritated skin to restore moisture and heal. TIP: You can also use on bug bites or stings for a soothing effect!

Ingredients: cocos nucifera* (coconut) oil, calendula flowers*, plantago major* (plantain), symphytum officinale* (comfrey), and achillea millefolium* (yarrow) infused in simmondsia chinensis* (jojoba) oil, beeswax, rosa canina* (rosehip) oil, unrefined butyrospernum parkii* (shea) butter, vitamin E*, lavandula angustifolia* (lavender) oil, mentha piperita* (peppermint) oil, citrus paradisi* (grapefruit) oil

lavender linen spray

Lavender Linen Spray $14

Made from all natural ingredients, our linen spray works well to freshen up most fabrics and leave clothes smelling divine. Mist on your sheets immediately before heading to bed and see for yourself how drifting off to sleep can become more pleasurable. This product can also be used to add a fresh scent to your hand washed laundry by diluting it in water.


Lost Woods Bath & Body Oil

Lost Woods Body Oil 2 oz. $13 • 4 oz. $24

Our body oils are blended with organic jojoba and coconut oil. This special blend intensely moisturizes creating a non-greasy glow, while instantly penetrating the inner layers of your skin. Our oils provide 24-hour hydration leaving skin soft and smooth all day long.  Also, enjoy our body oils by adding a few drops to your bath for a relaxing herbal retreat.

Essential oil blend of more info to come

Organic Blanc Lavender Bath Salts

Travel Blanc Lavender and Pink Himalayan Bath Salts $9

The highest quality of sea salts come from the Dead Sea oroviding trace minerals to nourish your skin and aid in detoxification. Pink Himalayan Salt contains a rich mineral content that includes over 84 minerals and trace elements  Add to your warm bath, then sit back, relax, and enjoy the detoxifying and soothing properties of this soak.

LAVENDER BLANC: Essential oil of lavender • HIMALAYAN PINK:  Essential oil blend of rose, geranium and lavender